Away from boys

I’m at SFO, waiting for my flight to return home after a weekend in the Bay Area, revisiting old haunts, and reconnecting with former classmates at my high school’s 30(!) reunion. This trip has been fraught with flight delays and reshedules – to the point that I thought “This is a sign that I shouldn’t be doing this trip”.

The worst part was that I called home twice while away, and both times the boys were either asleep or too engaged in activities to talk with me. They survived the weekend, as did I, and their dad, so, all is well….

And I never managed to get them gifts (not that they noticed, only I was worried about it)…

1 thought on “Away from boys

  1. Chatting with you was a highlight of my time at the reunion, Janaki, so I'm very glad you persevered through travel hurdles!

    Still catching up on backlogged laundry here– 🙂

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