August … Already?

I really hate winter and cold weather, and I struggle through the dark months of the year holding out hope for the reviving warmth of the sun.

I have trouble with vacations, because my hopes and expectations often don’t match the reality that is possible. So far, this summer, we’ve gone away twice, once over the July 4th weekend to spend time with my husband’s brothers and their families in Asheville, NC,


The boys with their cousins in a rock niche on Mt Mitchell

and this past weekend we returned for our second stay at the Heritage & Culture Camp in Massanetta Springs, VA, celebrating and reconnecting our children to their origins in Ethiopia.


The Gebeya (marketplace) and bounce games set up at Heritage & Culture Camp

And, while there are always little bumps and hiccups along the way (like an explosion of vomit in the back seat down a windy road in the Blue Ridge mountains!), I am happy to say that I am grateful and satisfied with both trips.

We have one more small trip planned, to get my beach fix, which has been long overdue.

Then, it’ll be back to fall with school, and the High Holidays, and all the craziness of “usual life”.

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