And, just as I was giving up hope…

My cell phone turned up this morning. Or rather, I found it while searching frantically for my glasses.

Where had it been hiding?

Slipped into the pillowcase of one of the pillows on J’s bed, where I must have tucked it in when I fell asleep with him on Saturday night.

My glasses? Not located until this evening (yes, I drove two and from work in a blurry haze). I owe it to the boys, who found them where I had set them down, beside our bedroom armchair where I found myself last night wrestling with an over-tired 5-yr-old who was having a tantrum and grabbing at my glasses,a long with a bit of hitting and kicking! Sigh.

I hate when Monday starts and I can’t find my various paraphernalia – the glasses, the cell phone, the pager, the keys!

And, I usually put all these items in their respective places so I can find them after the weekend disrupts the weekly routine. But exhaustion, and boy’s tantrums, sometimes get in the way of sorting out life in an orderly way. Not that I’ve ever been a very ordered person, but I do like objects to have their place and everything to be in its place.

Maybe in a few years…

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