About that New Good Habit…

Two weeks ago, I hoped that I might regularly bake bread for my family.  Well, the following Sunday turned out to be a very long and exhausting day, and I didn’t get around to baking bread.

But this past Sunday, I managed to do it, and the result looked like this:


My first batch, I used only molasses, and added a bit too much flour, so it was a bit on the dark, dense side.  Although, the boys, especially J, loved it.  I didn’t get a photo of the sliced loaf, but the whole loaves looked like this:

Whole wheat bread with molasses

Whole wheat bread with molasses

With this more recent batch, I used mostly honey, with just a tablespoon of molasses, and I was more careful with my flour additions, so I ended up with a softer loaf.  It turned out very yummy.  And I really love the act of slicing off a couple of slices from an intact loaf to make sandwiches.  It reminds me of living at my aunt’s home in London, and going to the local baker to buy fresh bread, that we sliced at home.  the smell of slicing into a loaf of bread is something that we miss when we buy the packages of pre sliced bread that comes in those long plastic sleeves.

And, the boys give me really strong feedback that they like it.  I hope that spur me on to keep up the baking.  No additives, no preservatives.  Nothing could be better (I’ll have to check on the cost of ingredients, but I suspect it’s cheaper than store-bought, as well).

Happy eating!

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