A glorious fall day 

I’ve been watching the weather forecast all week, because I had plans to start exploring the hiking trails around Baltimore, and,  as of Thursday,  there was a varying chance of rain today. 

When I got up this morning, the sky was attacked with clouds, but the forecast now predicted a 50% chance of rain starting in the late afternoon. I had worn heels last night (something I almost never do), and add i got out of bed,  I felt a twinge in my lower bar signaling a muscle spasm. 

But,  I was determined. I did my morning 20 minutes of yoga, focused on gently stretching my back, which helped a little. Then I got in the car and headed to the nearest trail listed on All Trails, an app showing hiking trails with reviews and helpful information. 

I chose the Soapstone Trail, part of the Patapsco Valley State Park. It’s a 3.4 mile loop, rated moderate. 

The walk seemed to help my back,  except for a couple of times when the footing was slippery. It took me about an hour, and was quite warm. The rain held off,  and I was touched by how friendly people on the trail were. 
I then went in to the rec center at my job,  and swam gently for 30 minutes, which also helped my back fell better. 

So, a very active Sunday that I feel great about. I will have to do it again soon. There are a lot of trails to explore in Patapsco and elsewhere around Baltimore. 

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