I read this week about the tradition of Schissel Challah, a loaf baked in the shape of a key, or with an actual key baked into it, served on the first Shabbat after Passover.  Here’s one link, with explanations.  And here’s another link, with better explanations.

I’m afraid my keys don’t look much like keys.  But it’s a symbol, and with symbols, we must use our imagination.  I love that Judaism is always looking at various times of the year as opportunities to open new doors, consider new thoughts.  May this Schissel Challah open the gates to a new and better chapter.  It’s a bit odd to think about Shabbat tonight, after missing Shabbat for the past seven weeks while in Sierra Leone.  So, maybe even more apt, to have a symbol of opening, and good fortune.

Shabbat shalom.

Here’s an image of a beautiful Schissel Challah.  Maybe next year…